Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is the Current World Population?

There is no certain answer as to what the exact human population is.  By following past data we can only predict, or estimate, what the population actually is.  Of course it may be larger than predicted due to the fact that in many nations births are not accounted for properly.

The United States has a "Clock" that reports what it thinks is the current US, and World Population at any given moment.  The Clock is updated every five minutes based on the suggested rate of births, and deaths.  Currently births exceed deaths, and the population climbs by the minute.

A screen shot shows where it is at the time of this blog posting.

So roughly 6.9 Billion people are on the This Shrinking Planet as of February 2, 2011.  To make things interesting, why not check out the ever changing Population Clock yourself, click here.


  1. I do believe that we are 7 billion strong. I also believe that over population is not real. People will just have to share the earth's resources and we will all be fine.

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